The Remarkability Factor Building Your Successful Coaching Practice

Successful Coaching PracticeThis article was originally published in JUNE 2018, in the WorldWide Coaching Magazine.


Twenty years after my first paying client, my coaching practice is fully branded and successful. I’m often called upon to work with start-up coaching practices as their coach. In this article, I’ll share three ways to start landing the basics of success. The concept of finding your Remarkability Factor is something we always cover when I’m working with new coaches, coaches who want to grow their practice, or any other small business.

Consider yourself formally invited, as well, to schedule a free 30-minute discovery session with me if you’d like to understand the next few steps.

Basic #1: Know Your “Remarkability Factor”

Every coach has what I call a “Remarkability Factor” (R.F.), but very few of us are actually aware of what it is. We often think we know what it is. Typically, we don’t. As an old Southern piece of wisdom puts it: “It’s hard to read the ingredients when you’re inside the bottle.” Excavation of what makes you remarkable in the eyes of your clients is critical for your future marketing efforts, for your business strategy, for your sense of success and just about every other aspect of your work.

Here are three ways to start excavating your Remarkability Factor:

You could start by reading this article to get your head wrapped around the concept.
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For a mere $125.00 U.S. you can hire “Branding Czar” Jaymes Lombardi for a customized “What is Your Why” experience. In a very short time, you’ll find things out about yourself and your practice that you may not have realized. You’ll have a stronger understanding of what makes you remarkable.
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As mentioned above, you can enlist my support for a free 30-minute discovery session. I’m offering this Remarkability Factor discovery session exclusively for the readers of the WWC e-zine. You’ll need to fill out an intake form and send it to Then we can begin to sort through exercises and other activities you might want or need to tackle in order to have a fully functional R.F.

Now, just in case you’re wondering why I’m putting so much effort into this concept, let me offer two powerful reasons why this is an important basic step toward coaching practice success:

Guy Kawasaki and Apple Computers in the 1980’s fully legitimized the power of customer evangelism as a means to grow a business. Knowing your R.F. is the first step in being able to engage evangelism. Customer evangelism, by the way, is the most cost-effective, productive and buzz building capacity you may have. It was my only business strategy from 1998 to 2009 and it took my earnings from 25k a year to over 400K.

Second, your R.F. will be the key to not only finding your “ideal” client and how to market to them, but it will also help you define what your unique value proposition is for your ideal client.