Are You Feeling Spent?

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There is a question we frequently ask at SoulSalt, Inc. Maybe you’ve heard it before.

How are you spending your Lifeblood?

What we mean by Lifeblood is an individual’s focus (time), talent, and capacity. When someone says, “I just gave my blood, sweat and tears to this project,” it’s highly likely they are referring to emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental exertion. This is one’s Lifeblood, a person’s strength and vitality.

It’s critical we attend and attune to how we spend our Lifeblood. At the end of the day, when you’ve given your focus, talent and capacity to something, the currency that has been spent is the self.

How are you spending this most precious asset—the one and only self you have? Isn’t there a financial rubric out there that suggests that when we spend a certain amount of currency, we are wise to seek a dividend or an honorable return on the investment?

If you’d like to increase the return you get from spending your Lifeblood, here are three viable ideas:

Have a planning system.
We’ve found there is no single planner that fits every human’s needs. Most often, people pick and choose what works for them and DIY their own planning system. The customized planner may or may not include a commercially produced tool or two. Check out our Be Focused Course,
 a virtual coaching program designed by SoulSalt to support the creative, abundantly active, free-thinker. (** Get $50 off when you click the resources button below.)

Know what you stand for.
Select and deselect activities based on how well they support your inner cause. Said differently, know your “why” and see how quickly you can align 80% of your daily activities to said “why.” Discover your “Why” with our guest artist Jaymes Lombardi, learn more here. You can also discover your core values by taking our free online course: Be True | Find Your Truth and Live It.

Plan out your day.
This is home base. This is your starting point. Create a means to plan out your day and make adjustments until you can plan and follow through so well that you need to add weekly or monthly planning to your routine. We have a couple extra tips on daily planning in our blog “Daily Planning | The Bread And Butter Of Productivity“.

planning systemMy hope is that at the end of the day, you feel more satisfaction. Instead of tossing the currency of your soul into wishing wells or someone else’s piggy bank, I hope you’re Lifeblood goes toward something that deeply matters to you.