Daily Planning | The Bread and Butter of Productivity

We can have all the “right” planning tools (apps, planners, schedules, task lists, charts, alarms, software, etc.), BUT if we don’t use them, they offer us ZERO value.

Case in point: Watch this video to determine if you are more like the blond or the brunette in the scenario:

Clearly, planning doesn’t happen until you stop to plan. In fact, until you consistently plan out your days, you risk undermining your own productivity. But, when you put into place a planning routine that fits your style, you can watch your efforts exponentially yield greater and greater results.

Daily planning

The best place to start as you make planning a part of your life is daily planning (planning out one day at a time either the night before or the morning of). The good news is that daily planning need not take more than a few minutes at a time.

Just plug into two of your most powerful modes of thinking—Divergent and Convergent—and follow along with this tutorial.

SoulSalt’s Today and Not Today methodology begs us to analyze our day with a simple question, “What’s important now?” It’s a smart question to pose when navigating life on a rotating planet that serves up a new day every 24 hours.

I recently read about a high school rugby coach, Larry Gelwix, who led teams to win 418 wins, 10 losses and twenty national championships over thirty-six years. When asked to describe his success, Larry says, “We always win.” But what Larry means by “win” is an acronym for a single question that guides his players—What’s Important Now?

You can probably imagine how being present and asking this critical question helps Coach Gelwix’s team. Imagine how it can help you.

When you have a daily planning system and you use it consistently, you not only define how to “win” your day, you also increase your chances of actually winning your day along with the next day, and the next, and the next.

Every successful human, every formidable soul succeeds to the same degree by which they harness their own power of focus.

If you don’t have a consistent routine of daily planning this hopefully has encouraged you to do so.

If you’re already engaged in the habit of daily planning, I hope you found this affirming.


Author’s Note:

If you’re a responsible person who struggles to have a planning system that helps you actually feel and appear responsible, I can help. If you are creative and have a brain that’s great at ideation and innovative thoughts, but you have a hard time getting things laid out and planned, I can support you. If you’ve tried other systems and now realize you just want someone to guide you in crafting your own planning system, I have a solution. Please check our Be Focused online course. When you subscribe, you also get access to our private FB group. You are the very person I had in mind when I designed this course