How Coachable am I?

Ever wonder how coachable you are? Have you ever caught yourself turning up your nose and think “how hard could it be”? It may not be as easy as you would have first thought. The overarching attribute that frames all great coaching and mentoring engagements is willingness—the client’s willingness. It is this responsive open-mindedness to embrace growth and change that is key.

Yes, to achieve the best results, a coach or mentor must have a partnership mindset, a growth mindset and the skills necessary to facilitate and support clients as they climb to greater heights.

But more importantly, if the best results are indeed the aim, a client should share the mindset and attitude of working within a true partnership. They must be willing to consistently cultivate openness while embodying curiosity and the capacity to take action. If this sounds like you, it’s a sure sign you’re ready and able to get the most out of working with the specialized support of a coach or mentor.

How do I get started? Let me help by addressing three questions and assist you in identifying some answers by way of the following links:


First, how can I assess my “Coach-ability Quotient” and better understand how well I might do working with a coach or mentor?

Click here to take our free Coach-ability Quotient assessment.



Second, how do I measure the coach or mentor partnership?

How will I know if the coach/mentoring engagement is productive and well suited for me?
Read about the main indicators that can help you arrive at an answer by reading Benefits of Having a Coach or a Mentor (read here).



Third, do I need a coach or do I need a mentor?

One of the best ways to evaluate your answer to this question is to determine the following:
Do I need someone to show me the ropes?
Do I need someone to help me do things like they do them?

If you answered yes to both questions, consider finding a mentor.


Do I need someone to support me to see my own strengths, gifts and answers to my questions?
Do I want someone who knows how to hold me accountable?

If you answered yes to both questions, consider hiring a coach.


In addition, if you’re still curious about the power of coaching versus mentoring,
take some time to read through the research of Developing Talent (read here).